Sunday, May 25, 2008

Glamocracy May 2008

May 1: More Switching, Citizenship, And Accomplishments: What You Need To Know Today
May 1: How to Deal With a Bad Economy?
May 2: Hillary's Really a Boy! (Otherwise, How Would She Be So Tough?)

May 5: Are Superchunk and Tom Hanks Worth More Than 18 Cents a Gallon?
May 5: My Prediction for Indiana and North Carolina: Unpredictability
May 6: Stuck on delegate number-crunching? Mathletes to the rescue!
May 6: The Letterman Vote
May 6: Nobody Wastes Time in Calling North Carolina for Obama
May 6: What Is the Story with Indiana?
May 7: Clinton Wins, Obama Wins But McCain Loses?
May 7: Hillary Gets Up Off The Mat
May 8: Hillary's The Only One Who Thinks She's Still In the Race
May 9: Clinton Camp Gets Quiet, Except for All Those Leaks
May 9: Happy Mother's Day, Mom (and Hillary)
May 9: Let's not name-call

May 12: What's More Important Than a Wedding?
May 12: Who Knew Women (And Feminists) Don't All Agree?
May 12: McCain, Meet Your Nader
May 12: Make Your Opinion Known! Who Would You Like To Hear From?
May 13: West Virginia Votes, A Nation Yawns
May 13: Hillary Scores Completely Expected Victory in West Virginia
May 14: Hillary Gets One Step Closer to Having to Drop Out
May 14: Democrats Doing a Little Dance of Joy
May 14: Edwards Endorses Obama
May 15: Obama Racks Up Endorsements, May Lose Sean Penn
May 15: Why aren't there more young women in political office?
May 15: The Great Divide: Families and Politics
May 15: Hey, Sweetie, What's the Deal With You Calling Her "Sweetie"?
May 16: Ghosts of Racists Past

May 19: Even When It's Over, It Won't Be Over For Some People
May 19: A Blogger's Paradise: More Scandal, Please
May 19: Geraldine, I Feel Like We've Had This Discussion Before
May 19: Byrd Joins Obama's Flock
May 20: How Much Is That Superdelegate In The Window?
May 20: Clinton Takes Kentucky
May 20: The End of the Evening Primary Results
May 21: Only 3 More Primaries to Go!
May 21: A Poll: What Role Did Sexism Play in Hillary's Campaign?
May 22: Obama Still Not a Muslim, We Swear.
May 22: Recruiting for the Church of Obama: A Dating Story
May 23: McCain Still Old, But Obama's a Commie!
May 23: Political Time Machine: HBO's "Recount"

May 27: In Everyone's Defense
May 28: How To Get Back At Your Boss
May 28: Hey, Storked! Which Way Are the Moms of the World Leaning?
May 29: Obaminutiae, With A Side Of McCain
May 29: 5 Reasons Hillary Shouldn't Drop Out
May 30: It's About to Be A Busy Weekend!
May 30: Michigan and Florida: Here's the Deal

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