Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jezebel July 2008

July 1: Vanity Fair And The New Yorker Expose The Clandestine Operations That Sabotaged Iran, Hillary's Wardrobe
July 1: Women Have A Complex Relationship With Porn
July 1: The First Battered Shelter for Battered Women
July 1: "I Don't Want To Get Spanked By Mama" And Other Clinton Camp Sexism
July 2: Leona Helmsley's Dog May Not Talk, But He Can Sort Of Explain The Recession
July 2: Sex For Gas
July 2: Date Rape T Shirt
July 2: Abortion In The Arab World Is Sort Of Like Abortion In America
July 2: Sexual Harassment Equality: A How Not To Guide
July 3: God Damn, America…
July 3: Writer: Little Girls Are A Threat To HuManity
July 3: My Sexual Assault Is Not Your Political Issue

July 7: If Bono Can Give Jesse Helms A Chance, Can't We?
July 7: Rosa Parks Estate
July 7: Never Drink Alone
July 7: Dear Barack: Baby, Come Back
July 7: Zimbabwe Recruiting Government Support By Raping Opposition
July 7: Stimulate This!
July 7: Widowed Grandmothers Of Baghdad
July 7: Bulls And Withdrawal Strategies
July 8: John McCain: The Story Of Crocs Is The Story Of The American Economy
July 8: Beauty, Sexuality Are In The Eye Of The Beholder
July 8: Lawsuit Happy Lady
July 8: Women's Work
July 9: "Maybe That's A Way Of Killing 'Em…"
July 9: Missing In Sports, And Italy: Mahbooba Ahadgar
July 9: Why Isn't Anne Shirley Worth of Huck Finn Status?
July 9: Save For Retirement Like A Girl
July 10: Saber Rattling And Other Boy Stuff With Spencer Attackerman
July 11: I Know You Think Our Jobs Are Slipping Away But Baby That's All In Your Mind
July 11: Justice for Some
July 11: Journeys In Foreign Advertisements

July 14: The New Yorker On Obama: When Satire Isn't Satirical
July 14: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
July 14: France Decides That Liberté Means Keeping Your Religion Elsewhere
July 14: The Wedding Industrial Complex Seeks To Conquer Europe
July 15: Doug Feith Defends Torture, But Knows Nothing Of Beaver
July 15: Too-Precious Moments
July 15: Britain: Making It Easier For Women To Stay Home, And Reinforcing The Stereotype That They Should
July 15: Chandra Levy: Why Your Mother Always Said To Wear Clean Underwear
July 16: Airport Sedition: The Surge Isn't Working And Neither Is John McCain's Common Sense
July 17: Airport Sedition II: Is Jesse Jackson A Hypocrite Or Are We Just In A Depression?
July 17: Unfashionably Lame
July 17: Is Using Feminism As a Marketing Technique Good Or Bad?
July 17: The Case Of Chandra Levy: Assumptions Can Make An A** Out Of U And Mption
July 17: Rachel Maddow For President (Of Cable News, That Is)
July 17: Just Don't Go There
July 18: On Race, Gender, Michelle Obama, And The Politics Of Twitter
July 18: Hey Ladies: John McCain Values Your Potential Offspring More Than Your Actual Votes
July 18: Indian Woman Producing Change And Controversy In Equal Amounts
July 18: Many Egyptian Men Think Women Deserve To Be Harassed
July 18: Everyone — Even Jack Cafferty — Ends Up Disappointing

July 21: Nothing Says 'China, Just Like Us' Like Freak Multiple Birth Pictures!
July 21: Post-Cinematic Triumphs
July 21: We Can't Be Friends Because Your Girlfriend Says So?
July 21: Is It Prudish To Have Never Had Sex In Public?
July 21: Is The Military Finally Going To Do Something About The Sexual Harassment Of Soldiers?
July 22: What Doesn't Change Stays The Same
July 22: Women In Politics
July 22: (Mostly) Ignored In America, Female Condoms Make It To Malawi
July 22: Meet Sarah Tofte: Death Penalty Researcher Turned Rape Kit Activist
July 22: Clothes That Don't Ask For It
July 22: Crime And Punishment
July 23: Rielle Hunter And John Edwards Are Made For Each Other
July 23: How To Really Push Away A Pickup Artist
July 23: Shopping While Black: When Racism Hits Retail
July 24: Why Is It That Elaine Donnelly Can't Stop Thinking About Gay Sex?
July 24: Lori Drew
July 24: Dana Scully: Bringing Women Together In Fangirldom For 15 Years
July 24: Casualties Of War
July 24: Porn Star Buck Angel: Male Feminist Hero?
July 25: Obama Ist Ein Berliner, But Andy Giuliani Is Litigious
July 25: Would Someone Send This Woman To Thailand Already?
July 25: Pole Positions
July 25: When Did You Discover That You'd Morphed Into Your Mom?

July 28: But Doesn't The Bush Administration Care About The Nation's Heroin Addicts?
July 28: The New York Times Does BlogHer Later Than My Last Period
July 28: When Being Yourself Doesn't Get You A Man, Be Someone Else
July 28: Cindy McCain's Charity Work
July 28: Bob Novak Brain Tumor
July 28: Raised Eyebrows Edition (Also, John McCain Is Really Old)
July 29: FLDS Arrests
July 29: Does Obama Need A Little (Not Mc) Kaine To Save The World?
July 29: Mahbooba Ahadgar Still Not In Italy, Probably Not In The Olympics
July 29: Child Sex Abusers Run Rampant in South Africa
July 29: What It's Like For A Girl (On The Internet)
July 29: Teenage Girls Aren't As Stupid As Some People Think
July 29: Fantasy Fulfillment
July 30: John Edwards, Ted Stevens And Everyone Else Are Hypocrites
July 30: BlogHer Convention
July 30: Women Out For Justice Against Career-Destroying Jerks
July 30: Standing... Er, Um, Sitting By Her Man
July 30: Gendercide
July 30: Leigh Ledare's Oedipal Complex Is Not Our Gain
July 31: Ludacris Wins "Most Intelligent Political Commentary" Of The Week Award
July 31: 10 Ways John McCain Can Be Compared To Paris Hilton & Britney Spears
July 31: Stalker Memoir Rings A Few Too Many Bells
July 31: Partying For Sex Workers Rights
July 31: The Best John McCain (And We) Can Do

Glamocracy July 2008

July 1: The Truth Police
July 2: The Endorsement Dream Team
July 3: McCain's Colombian Nights
July 3: McRick Rolled

July 7: The Holiday Fireworks Afterglow
July 7: Cindi Leive, On Historical Nature Of Hillary
July 8: Travel Plans and Withdrawals
July 9: Lazy and Recalcitrant? Not Your Candidates!
July 9: McCainiacs: The Gift (To Me) That Keeps On Giving
July 10: Barack forgets to rock the mic, and Jesse thinks the mic's off
July 11: Help Wanted, For McCain and Obama

July 14: Weekend of A Thousand Slams
July 15: All The Jokes That Remain Are About McCain
July 16: Admonitions and Admissions All Around
July 17: The Primary Is Over, But Shadows of Sexism and Clinton Remain
July 18: McCain on the Issues, unlike the GOP

July 21: Summer Vacations and Settling Debts
July 21: The Old Rules Of The Health Insurance Game
July 22: Everyone's Got An Opinion, Even If No One Has A Running Mate
July 22: John McCain Wants To Hurt The Troops?
July 23: McCain And Obama Vie For the Love Of The Media. I Am Unmoved.
July 23: Michelle Obama In Fine Company
July 24: John Edwards, Truth-Telling And Private Lives
July 25: John McCain Keeps Forgetting... Well, Everything

July 28: John McCain Keeps Forgetting... Well, Everything
July 29: Spreading The Hope Disease, One Obamaniac At A Time
July 30: The Influence of McCain's Media Guy and Phil Specter
July 30: John McCain's Gaffes And Lack Of Internet Savvy Go Hand-In-Hand
July 31: Celebrities Are Voters, Too
July 31: What John McCain's Jokes Say About His View Of Women

Jezebel June 2008

June 2: Paging Jeremiah Wright: There's A White Guy Stealing Your Show!!!
June 3: Bitterroot, Or How We Came To Discuss Charlie Black And Mark Penn
June 3: Bitter Pill
June 4: Hillary Selfishly, Narcissistically, Delusionally -- Oh Hell, Genocidally -- Refuses To Concede!
June 4: What Hillary Did
June 5: Baby, Let's Be Real For A Sec. When It's Just Us, It's Awesome. But It's Never Gonna Be Just Us.
June 5: Getting Him Out Once He Gets You Off
June 5: To Hose, Or Not To Hose? That Is The Question
June 5: Over 30 And Single? Obviously, You Can't Be Happy
June 5: Ah, Yes, The Boys Club And Their "Humor"
June 5: Oldies But Goodies
June 6: Does This Look Like A Battery To You? No? Then Please Join the Air Force
June 6: Girl on Girl Violence
June 6: How Being A Woman In Politics Can Help, And Hurt
June 6: Strange Gifts
June 6: Somebody's Getting Their Lands Wet
June 6: Idiocracy

June 9: I Know, If Only You Could Write In "Pabst Blue Ribbon" For VP…
June 9: PETA Prank Or Hungry Bird?
June 9: Feminism Is Loving Your Fragrant Ladyflower
June 9: How Do You Care For the Hair Down There?
June 9: McCain's Buddy And Your Condoms
June 9: Oh, Those (Antarctic) Summer Nights
June 9: Oh, About That First Wife
June 9: If We're All Going to Die Anyway...
June 10: Would You Listen To Abba With This Guy?
June 10: An Open Letter To Those Awaiting The Rapture
June 10: How Bad a Wife Would I Really Be?
June 10: A Porn Addiction Is A Little More Than Just An Interest
June 10: Unconditional Love Can Make A Jezebel Cry
June 10: So Many Abba-McCain Parodies, So Little Time
June 10: Just Another Sticky Night Of Abject Stupidity
June 10: Pregnant Justice
June 11: A League's Fixed Game, A Nation's Lost Innocence
June 11: When Being A Born-Again Virgin Requires Surgery
June 11: There Ought To Be A Sign
June 11: Meghan McCain, I've Read Jenna Bush. And You Are No Jenna Bush
June 11: Shopping Is The New Porn Addiction?
June 11: Mary Roach Writes About Sex (And Not Even In a Dirty Way)
June 11: Cute Kids, Men And The Truth About Wine
June 11: Exorcising the Taint of Sex
June 12: Is Fox News Looking For Drama With Obama's "Baby Mama"?
June 12: The Incredible, Inedible Egg
June 12: Woman Breaks Barrier... By Cooking
June 12: So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
June 12: Are All Women A Little Bi? In A Word: No.
June 12: Lessons in Good Parenting
June 12: According to Scalia, People Only Get Rights When There's Nothing At Stake
June 13: Bureaucracy Comes For Us All, Gitmo Or No
June 13: ObamaMonkey? There Is No Teachable Moment With Some People.
June 13: Beware The Man With A Drug Habit And A Boner
June 13: Egypt Imposes Taxes On Child Brides
June 13: Lakshmi: Now A Normal Girl, Still a Goddess
June 13: Can I Afford a Baby? Hell, I Can't Afford My Drinking Habit.
June 13: Goodbye, Tim

June 16: World Mourns Tim Russert, Oil Prices
June 16: We All Love Happy Hookers Because We Are All Hookers
June 16: The SockObama Might Die, But Racism Will Live 'Til November (At Least)
June 16: Monkey On The Lam!
June 16: What Is The Definition Of Birth?
June 16: Michelle Obama Is Going To Be In For It
June 16: Democrats Kiss And Make Up With Everyone Except Lieberman
June 17: Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This But Please God Only Like 200 More Right?
June 17: Gay Marriage In California Makes Some People Happy, Others Blathering Idiots
June 17: "Social Q's," Answered By The Loser
June 17: Another Gay Wedding (I Just Have Something In My Eye! I'm Not Crying!)
June 17: What Patriotism Isn't
June 17: Heidi Harris Knows What Girls Want, And It's Not Liberal Justices
June 17: Beaver, Trollops and Drinking, Oh My!
June 18: Hillary Is On Vacation, But Her Biggest Fan Still Has Her Back (And Mine)
June 18: Mock A Woman For Her Crimes Against Fashion, Not Her Age or Her Ass
June 18: The Secret Sex Lives of Female Chimpanzees
June 18: People's Hottest... Whoa, Check Out His Package!
June 18: Money Might Buy Some People Happiness, Just Not You
June 18: ObamaMonkey Manufacturers Saddened By The Discrimination Against Them
June 18: If You Always Like The Emotionally Unavailable, It's Because You Probably Are, Too
June 18: I Won't Vote For A Man With a Moustache, But Republicans Should
June 19: Oil: There's No Doubt, We're In Deep Guys!
June 19: Pregnancy Pacts: Better Than Suicide Ones, Still Not That Good
June 19: Apologies to Macrida Patterson, V-String Victim
June 19: I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me
June 19: Rape Is Now An Issue Of National Security
June 19: Please Send Lawyers, Daniel Craig and Money
June 19: Octocock V. Boobiverse: Screw Faceless People But Wrap It Up
June 20: Obama Is A Machiavellian Ari Gold Sellout! Will Scarlett Johansson Notice?
June 20: What Is A Permissible Imperfection In A Child?
June 20: Michelle Obama And The Place Of A First Lady
June 20: Mario Lopez, A Big Hairy Liar?
June 20: There Really Aren't Ways In Which They Won't Lie
June 20: If She Doesn't Want Talk, She Probably Doesn't Want To Sit On Your Face
June 20: "Great Hat, Kim Kardashian... For Me To Poop On!"

June 23: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Just Made Some Pakistani Farmer's Life $25 Million Better. Here's Hoping He Invested In Big Corn!
June 23: Nancy Drew, Heroine To Nerd Girls Everywhere
June 23: Sexism and Politics
June 23: "Financial Infidelity": Save The Economy But Wreck Your Marriage
June 23: Women's Lives Becoming Increasingly Expendable In War Zones
June 23: Don't Ask, Don't Tell, And Try Not To Be A Woman
June 24: Does Karl Rove Covet Barack Obama's Beautiful Debutante Wife?
June 24: Military Herstory
June 24: Daughters of the North: No Countryside For Any Men
June 24: For Better Or Worse, Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan Speak For Us All
June 25: Parsing The Obama Ipod As Told To Rolling Stone: The Blog Equivalent Of "Hot In Herre"?
June 25: Patrick Kennedy Won't Die (Yet)
June 25: If All You Have Is A Nucleus, Can You Really Be a Citizen?
June 25: Women and Science
June 25: Child Care Professionals: Worked Like Dogs, Paid Like Stay-At-Home Moms
June 26: North Korea To Eat Again!
June 26: Harriet Harman Wants English Women To Make More Money
June 26: The Devil Wears Prada, The Pope Wears Straight Jesus
June 26: Boy George's Visa Problems Make The State Department Spitting Mad
June 26: What It Feels Like For A Girl
June 26: Ma'am, That Uterus Will Cost You Extra
June 26: Parents Still Messing Up Their Kids, Kids Still Having Sex
June 26: "Jokes" About Domestic Violence Are Never Funny
June 27: The Evilest Evildoer In Administration Evil Shows His Evil Face!
June 27: When Spite Trumps Common Sense, A Resentful Clinton Supporter Is There
June 27: Woman To Woman: How To Get The Money You Want And Deserve
June 27: Does Feminism Carry A Gun?

June 30: The GOP Can't Save Itself, And We Won't Help
June 30: LaVena Johnson: Murdered By Her Colleagues, Ignored By The Army
June 30: Crime And No Punishment

Glamocracy June 2008

June 2: Losing Through Winning
June 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken
June 3: If You're Not Racist, Why Is Everyone Else Sexist?
June 3: The End of the Primaries, The End of the Race?
June 3: South Dakota Closes, As Does the Race
June 3: Hillary's Speech: Will She Stay Or Will She Go?
June 3: The Candidate Obama
June 4: Oh, I'm Sorry. You Expected It To Be Over?
June 5: Obama Nabs a Kennedy
June 5: Choose to Vote!
June 6: The Sanctity of Marriage: A Study In Contrasts

June 7: "And This Is Why We Have To Work To Elect Barack Obama"
June 9: The Final (Five Month) Stretch!
June 9: Are You A Budget Hero?
June 10: Political Meat and Potatoes followed by Impeachment Pie
June 11: GOP Losses Are Only Sometimes Democratic Gains
June 11: Hey Feminists—Why No Love For Michelle Obama?
June 12: John McCain Just Wants To Be Loved
June 12: On Michelle Obama, Sexism And Ill-Considered Rhymes
June 13: John McCain's Media Death By A Thousand Pricks
June 13: Sexism Sells, But We Aren't Buying It: The Video
June 13: In Memory of Tim Russert

June 16: McFeminism
June 16: Tax Plans And The Single Girl
June 17: Al Gore Loves Obama And the Environment Equally
June 17: Obama Really Needs To Court One Woman's Vote
June 18: Money, Money, Money
June 18: MoveOn.Org Goes After John McCain
June 19: Obama Wants Your Money But Barr Wants McCain's Votes
June 20: Obamania, Campaign Finance Edition

June 23: Candidates Take On The Issues, Sort Of
June 23: Bill Kristol Really Wants You To Vote For John McCain
June 24: Everyone's Emotions Are Rubbed A Little Raw
June 25: The $1 Billion Question
June 25: The McCainiacs Are Back!
June 25: John McCain, (Over) Ripe For Parody
June 26: The Pander-lympics
June 27: The Dance Begins
June 27: McCain Strikes a Pose

June 30: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Unity

Cynics Party June 2008

June 3: End of Days Live Blog And Open Thread
June 3: Hunter’s Wild Night
June 7: New Democratic Hero Redux

Jalopnik June 2008

June 3: 2009 Lincoln MKS, First Drive

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cynics' Party May 2008

May 1: Diaperman Gets His Due
May 1: Suicide and Yo Momma
May 2: A Cynical Challenge
May 4: A Whole New Kind of Candidate

May 5: Administration to Be Punished for Unconstitutional Actions!!
May 6: Quote of the Day
May 6: An Uncynical Announcement
May 6: Another Hillary Supporter Looks to Screw Obama in Flyover States
May 6: Indiana-North Carolina Open Thread/ Live-Bloggish Thing
May 7: McGovern Tells Clinton: Back Off
May 7: Oh, Those Wacky Germans
May 7: Mike Gravel, Um, I Got No Headline for This At All
May 7: The Vice Presidential Dating Game!

May 12: A Cynical Congratulations
May 13: Megan Does West Virginia
May 18: On The Road Again, Cynically

May 23: The No-Longer-Anonymous Lobbyist Reappears

May 25: Keith Olbermann Gets His Rant On
May 27: Assholery Never Ends
May 27: Strange, Strange Ideas
May 28: What Not to Do

Washington Post May 2008

May 24: 5 Myths About Lobbyists

Radar May 2008

May 23: Review of Recount

Glamocracy May 2008

May 1: More Switching, Citizenship, And Accomplishments: What You Need To Know Today
May 1: How to Deal With a Bad Economy?
May 2: Hillary's Really a Boy! (Otherwise, How Would She Be So Tough?)

May 5: Are Superchunk and Tom Hanks Worth More Than 18 Cents a Gallon?
May 5: My Prediction for Indiana and North Carolina: Unpredictability
May 6: Stuck on delegate number-crunching? Mathletes to the rescue!
May 6: The Letterman Vote
May 6: Nobody Wastes Time in Calling North Carolina for Obama
May 6: What Is the Story with Indiana?
May 7: Clinton Wins, Obama Wins But McCain Loses?
May 7: Hillary Gets Up Off The Mat
May 8: Hillary's The Only One Who Thinks She's Still In the Race
May 9: Clinton Camp Gets Quiet, Except for All Those Leaks
May 9: Happy Mother's Day, Mom (and Hillary)
May 9: Let's not name-call

May 12: What's More Important Than a Wedding?
May 12: Who Knew Women (And Feminists) Don't All Agree?
May 12: McCain, Meet Your Nader
May 12: Make Your Opinion Known! Who Would You Like To Hear From?
May 13: West Virginia Votes, A Nation Yawns
May 13: Hillary Scores Completely Expected Victory in West Virginia
May 14: Hillary Gets One Step Closer to Having to Drop Out
May 14: Democrats Doing a Little Dance of Joy
May 14: Edwards Endorses Obama
May 15: Obama Racks Up Endorsements, May Lose Sean Penn
May 15: Why aren't there more young women in political office?
May 15: The Great Divide: Families and Politics
May 15: Hey, Sweetie, What's the Deal With You Calling Her "Sweetie"?
May 16: Ghosts of Racists Past

May 19: Even When It's Over, It Won't Be Over For Some People
May 19: A Blogger's Paradise: More Scandal, Please
May 19: Geraldine, I Feel Like We've Had This Discussion Before
May 19: Byrd Joins Obama's Flock
May 20: How Much Is That Superdelegate In The Window?
May 20: Clinton Takes Kentucky
May 20: The End of the Evening Primary Results
May 21: Only 3 More Primaries to Go!
May 21: A Poll: What Role Did Sexism Play in Hillary's Campaign?
May 22: Obama Still Not a Muslim, We Swear.
May 22: Recruiting for the Church of Obama: A Dating Story
May 23: McCain Still Old, But Obama's a Commie!
May 23: Political Time Machine: HBO's "Recount"

May 27: In Everyone's Defense
May 28: How To Get Back At Your Boss
May 28: Hey, Storked! Which Way Are the Moms of the World Leaning?
May 29: Obaminutiae, With A Side Of McCain
May 29: 5 Reasons Hillary Shouldn't Drop Out
May 30: It's About to Be A Busy Weekend!
May 30: Michigan and Florida: Here's the Deal

Jezebel May 2008

May 1: Good Morning, Voters! I'm Calling On Behalf Of "Women Voices." If You Are Confused, My Mission Is Accomplished!
May 2: Did Hillary's Appearance On O'Reilly Actually Make Me Like Her More?

May 5: Future VP Bobby Jindal's College Girlfriend Possessed By Satan? Or Just Horny?
May 6: Barack Obama Doesn't Look Too Psyched About That Beer
May 7: Hillary Wins Another Primary!
May 7: The Oh, Hell No Afternoon
May 8: Who Would God Vote For? Probably the Fascists!
May 8: Morrison on "The First Black President"
May 8: Chalk Another One Up For KBR
May 8: NY Times Discovers That Women Like Hollywood And Washington Heavyweights
May 8: What Constitutes a Dry Spell?
May 8: Divorce Via Chanting? Not In Maryland!
May 8: The "And You Thought Yesterday Was Bad" Edition
May 9: Sometimes, Ignorance Is Bliss
May 9: Villains to the Rescue
May 9: Did He or Didn't He
May 9: Baffled Scientists Discover That People Get Drunk To Get Laid
May 9: The Definition of Sin
May 9: The World, Too, Is Bipolar

May 12: It Was A Nice Day For A White Voter
May 12: Even Oprah Employees Aren't Immune To Serial Seat-Pissers
May 13: Your Jewish Mom Is Going To Have A Crush On Obama
May 14: Obama Is Winning Because Hipsters Stopped Hating Gwyneth Paltrow
May 14: Wine Pairings
May 14: The New Enemy
May 14: Injuries Among Girls Are The Fault Of The Feminists
May 14: He Is That Into You
May 15: John McCain: Yeah, Maybe Just Let This Guy Be President
May 15: NARAL's Endorsement Of Obama Is Neither Disrespectful Nor Disloyal
May 16: Hillary = Not Exactly The Loser Here, People!
May 16: Meet The Women Who Will Doom Us To A McCain Presidency

May 19: Bigger Than Burning Man.
May 20: Hillary And American Sexism…Really Guys? Still?
May 21: Geraldine Ferraro: You = What The Media Needs To Start Ignoring
May 22: Hillary Explains How Obama Is Sort Of Like An African Dictator
May 23: "I Know: Barf." Truer Words Were Never Syndicated, Peggy!

May 27: War Is Hell But Troops Are Hot
May 28: Former Bush Propagandist Scott McClellans Book Uses Term Propaganda Sounds Like a Left-Wing Blogger
May 29: Oh Jesus, Dont Like Most People Suffer Existential Crises When They Get Fired
May 30: God What An Idiot That Guy Running The Country So, What's The Game Plan Regarding Sex & The City
May 30: Dear Gerry: You Gotta Think About What You're Trying To Do To Me

Cynics' Party April 2008

April 6: Can a Man with a ‘Stache Get Your Vote?
April 7: Famous in Rwanda
April 10: Little Known Facts About Republican Douchebags
April 10: Profiles in Legislative Courage
April 12: The Apocalypse Has Arrived
April 12: The Last, Shining Hope of the Democratic Party
April 13: Alphonso Jackson Is Really That Stupid
April 14: W****** Sold, Bought
April 15: Nickie Sarkozy, Ever the Redneck President of My Heart
April 16: The Boss and the ‘Bama
April 25: Cynics Meet-Up
April 25: A Rally in Photos
April 27: Crashing Other Parties
April 27: Dance, Bitches, Dance!
April 29: Decisions, Decisions

Radar April 2008

April 28: Famous for DC Party With the Inexplicably Famous at Correspondents Bash

Glamocracy April 2008

April 1: EMILY's List, Superdelegate Solutions and McCain's Machine
April 2: Gore's Back, Clinton Is Rocky and a Murdoch Likes Obama
April 2: Senator Stabenow's Husband Caught Out There
April 2: Senator Stabenow, Head Held High and Her Tears Dry
April 3: Bill Melts Down, Hillary Makes You Cry and McCain Flirts with Everyone
April 4: The Definition of "Pledged," Campaign Finances and What We Think

April 7: A Shake Up, Guns, Bowling Redux and the Unacceptable Mitt
April 8: Temper Tantrums, Money, Tall Tales and Hearings
April 8: Misogyny on the campaign trail
April 9: Can a woman be president? What you need to know today
April 10: Money and Endorsements: What You Need To Know Today
April 10: Why are all the big political bloggers men?
April 11: Obama Flirts! What You Need to Know Today
April 11: Bloggers Have Dirty Minds

April 14: Is Obama Elitist? What You Need To Know Today
April 14: Bill Clinton, Underminer-in-Chief?
April 15: Clinton's Got a Brand New Ad: What You Need To Know Today
April 15: Yay Taxes!
April 16: Bill Clinton Disses the Youth Vote: What You Need To Know Today
April 16: Health Insurance and the Single Girl: What Will the Candidates Do for Me?
April 17: The Not Great Debate: What You Need to Know Today
April 18: Democratic Mean Girls: What You Need to Know Today

April 21: Obama Sharpens His Tone, and McCain Sharpens His Knife: What You Need to Know Today
April 21: Earth Day Preview: The Candidates' Carbon Footprints
April 21: Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz: A Winning Woman in a Boy's Bastion
April 22: Primary Day Is Here Again! What You Need To Know Today
April 22: PA Voter Profile: Molly Parzen, Clinton Supporter
April 22: PA Voter Profile: Andalynn Burgess, Obama supporter
April 22: PA Voter Profile: Mara Toukatly, McCain supporter
April 22: PA Voters: A Roundtable Discussion
April 22: Pennsylvania results, part one.
April 23: Clinton Wins in PA! Her Heart, Campaign, Will Go On: What You Need to Know Today
April 23: The New Republic's Special Misogyny Issue: Can You Judge A (Magazine) By Its Cover?
April 24: Poverty, Equality, Money and Little Pink Houses: What You Need to Know Today
April 24: Obama and Those Boys: Abercrombie and Fitch
April 24: Jenna Bush: Not A McCainiac, Not Yet an Obamaniac
April 25: Party on the Hill, decoding the A&F boys, and plenty more: What You Need to Know Today

April 28: Sometimes a Political Party Is Political, and Sometimes It's a Party: What You Need to Know Today
April 28: A Guide For Candidates: Eat This!
April 29: Bad Choices, Wright, Taxes, North Carolina and Drop-Outs: What You Need to Know Today
April 29: McCain Realizes That Tax Cuts Don't Necessarily Cut It
April 30: Condemnation, Superdelegates, Falsehoods and Poll Results: What You Need to Know Today
April 30: Taste: Another Victim of the Ongoing Primary Season

Jezebel April 2008

April 1: Really Important Debate: Does Barack Obama Bowling Like A Fag Mean He Is One?
April 2: Barack Obama Would Rather Be Shooting Dunks And Fathering Illegitimate Children. (Duh!)
April 3: Neo-Con Nipples, New Crushes, And Clinton On Iraq
April 3: Divorce Is Not For Democrats
April 3: Stop Before You Make It Worse
April 3: Social Scientist Says Oil Makes Women Second-Class Citizens
April 3: She Should Know
April 3: Rape, Abortion, And Angry Johnnys: Shit Today Is Making Us Stabby
April 4: John McCain's Speeches Suck; Samantha Power Is The Comeback Kid
April 4: Would You Let This Man Call You "Sweetie"?
April 4: MLK Flip-Flopper John McCain Gets Booed In Memphis

April 7: Hillary Clinton Paid $10 Million For This Dude And Obama Got Samantha Power For Free?
April 8: Dear Cindy McCain, We Love You Just The Way You Are Made Up
April 9: Your Nagging Ancient Mormon Underage Sex Cult Questions, Answered At Last!
April 10: Who Are All These China Haters And Where Did They Learn All Their Death Defying-Moves?
April 11: Yo, Barry. You're In Philly Now. You Gotta Pay Cash For Those Votes.

April 14: Are You There, God? It's Your Favorite Client, Messiah Barry Hussein Obama
April 15: All About Alleged Rapist Bill Cosby, Because April 15 Is About How Other People Need To Start Taking Responsibility!
April 16: Cindy McCain Regrets Dissing Michelle Obama!
April 17: Clinton, Obama Field Tough Questions About Flag Pins, Third Grade
April 18: Obama: Gotta Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder
April 18: Chelsea Clinton, And Lessons In Media (Mis) Management
April 18: Everything Is Disappointing, Everyone Is Disappointed

April 21: We're Headed To Philly Tonight!
April 22: Would It Kill These Candidates To Eat A Frickin Cheesesteak?
April 23: Sure, Hillary Won Pennsylvania, But Barry Nabbed The Hateful Ignorant Fratboy Demographic!
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