Sunday, August 3, 2008

Glamocracy July 2008

July 1: The Truth Police
July 2: The Endorsement Dream Team
July 3: McCain's Colombian Nights
July 3: McRick Rolled

July 7: The Holiday Fireworks Afterglow
July 7: Cindi Leive, On Historical Nature Of Hillary
July 8: Travel Plans and Withdrawals
July 9: Lazy and Recalcitrant? Not Your Candidates!
July 9: McCainiacs: The Gift (To Me) That Keeps On Giving
July 10: Barack forgets to rock the mic, and Jesse thinks the mic's off
July 11: Help Wanted, For McCain and Obama

July 14: Weekend of A Thousand Slams
July 15: All The Jokes That Remain Are About McCain
July 16: Admonitions and Admissions All Around
July 17: The Primary Is Over, But Shadows of Sexism and Clinton Remain
July 18: McCain on the Issues, unlike the GOP

July 21: Summer Vacations and Settling Debts
July 21: The Old Rules Of The Health Insurance Game
July 22: Everyone's Got An Opinion, Even If No One Has A Running Mate
July 22: John McCain Wants To Hurt The Troops?
July 23: McCain And Obama Vie For the Love Of The Media. I Am Unmoved.
July 23: Michelle Obama In Fine Company
July 24: John Edwards, Truth-Telling And Private Lives
July 25: John McCain Keeps Forgetting... Well, Everything

July 28: John McCain Keeps Forgetting... Well, Everything
July 29: Spreading The Hope Disease, One Obamaniac At A Time
July 30: The Influence of McCain's Media Guy and Phil Specter
July 30: John McCain's Gaffes And Lack Of Internet Savvy Go Hand-In-Hand
July 31: Celebrities Are Voters, Too
July 31: What John McCain's Jokes Say About His View Of Women

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