Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jezebel July 2008

July 1: Vanity Fair And The New Yorker Expose The Clandestine Operations That Sabotaged Iran, Hillary's Wardrobe
July 1: Women Have A Complex Relationship With Porn
July 1: The First Battered Shelter for Battered Women
July 1: "I Don't Want To Get Spanked By Mama" And Other Clinton Camp Sexism
July 2: Leona Helmsley's Dog May Not Talk, But He Can Sort Of Explain The Recession
July 2: Sex For Gas
July 2: Date Rape T Shirt
July 2: Abortion In The Arab World Is Sort Of Like Abortion In America
July 2: Sexual Harassment Equality: A How Not To Guide
July 3: God Damn, America…
July 3: Writer: Little Girls Are A Threat To HuManity
July 3: My Sexual Assault Is Not Your Political Issue

July 7: If Bono Can Give Jesse Helms A Chance, Can't We?
July 7: Rosa Parks Estate
July 7: Never Drink Alone
July 7: Dear Barack: Baby, Come Back
July 7: Zimbabwe Recruiting Government Support By Raping Opposition
July 7: Stimulate This!
July 7: Widowed Grandmothers Of Baghdad
July 7: Bulls And Withdrawal Strategies
July 8: John McCain: The Story Of Crocs Is The Story Of The American Economy
July 8: Beauty, Sexuality Are In The Eye Of The Beholder
July 8: Lawsuit Happy Lady
July 8: Women's Work
July 9: "Maybe That's A Way Of Killing 'Em…"
July 9: Missing In Sports, And Italy: Mahbooba Ahadgar
July 9: Why Isn't Anne Shirley Worth of Huck Finn Status?
July 9: Save For Retirement Like A Girl
July 10: Saber Rattling And Other Boy Stuff With Spencer Attackerman
July 11: I Know You Think Our Jobs Are Slipping Away But Baby That's All In Your Mind
July 11: Justice for Some
July 11: Journeys In Foreign Advertisements

July 14: The New Yorker On Obama: When Satire Isn't Satirical
July 14: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
July 14: France Decides That Liberté Means Keeping Your Religion Elsewhere
July 14: The Wedding Industrial Complex Seeks To Conquer Europe
July 15: Doug Feith Defends Torture, But Knows Nothing Of Beaver
July 15: Too-Precious Moments
July 15: Britain: Making It Easier For Women To Stay Home, And Reinforcing The Stereotype That They Should
July 15: Chandra Levy: Why Your Mother Always Said To Wear Clean Underwear
July 16: Airport Sedition: The Surge Isn't Working And Neither Is John McCain's Common Sense
July 17: Airport Sedition II: Is Jesse Jackson A Hypocrite Or Are We Just In A Depression?
July 17: Unfashionably Lame
July 17: Is Using Feminism As a Marketing Technique Good Or Bad?
July 17: The Case Of Chandra Levy: Assumptions Can Make An A** Out Of U And Mption
July 17: Rachel Maddow For President (Of Cable News, That Is)
July 17: Just Don't Go There
July 18: On Race, Gender, Michelle Obama, And The Politics Of Twitter
July 18: Hey Ladies: John McCain Values Your Potential Offspring More Than Your Actual Votes
July 18: Indian Woman Producing Change And Controversy In Equal Amounts
July 18: Many Egyptian Men Think Women Deserve To Be Harassed
July 18: Everyone — Even Jack Cafferty — Ends Up Disappointing

July 21: Nothing Says 'China, Just Like Us' Like Freak Multiple Birth Pictures!
July 21: Post-Cinematic Triumphs
July 21: We Can't Be Friends Because Your Girlfriend Says So?
July 21: Is It Prudish To Have Never Had Sex In Public?
July 21: Is The Military Finally Going To Do Something About The Sexual Harassment Of Soldiers?
July 22: What Doesn't Change Stays The Same
July 22: Women In Politics
July 22: (Mostly) Ignored In America, Female Condoms Make It To Malawi
July 22: Meet Sarah Tofte: Death Penalty Researcher Turned Rape Kit Activist
July 22: Clothes That Don't Ask For It
July 22: Crime And Punishment
July 23: Rielle Hunter And John Edwards Are Made For Each Other
July 23: How To Really Push Away A Pickup Artist
July 23: Shopping While Black: When Racism Hits Retail
July 24: Why Is It That Elaine Donnelly Can't Stop Thinking About Gay Sex?
July 24: Lori Drew
July 24: Dana Scully: Bringing Women Together In Fangirldom For 15 Years
July 24: Casualties Of War
July 24: Porn Star Buck Angel: Male Feminist Hero?
July 25: Obama Ist Ein Berliner, But Andy Giuliani Is Litigious
July 25: Would Someone Send This Woman To Thailand Already?
July 25: Pole Positions
July 25: When Did You Discover That You'd Morphed Into Your Mom?

July 28: But Doesn't The Bush Administration Care About The Nation's Heroin Addicts?
July 28: The New York Times Does BlogHer Later Than My Last Period
July 28: When Being Yourself Doesn't Get You A Man, Be Someone Else
July 28: Cindy McCain's Charity Work
July 28: Bob Novak Brain Tumor
July 28: Raised Eyebrows Edition (Also, John McCain Is Really Old)
July 29: FLDS Arrests
July 29: Does Obama Need A Little (Not Mc) Kaine To Save The World?
July 29: Mahbooba Ahadgar Still Not In Italy, Probably Not In The Olympics
July 29: Child Sex Abusers Run Rampant in South Africa
July 29: What It's Like For A Girl (On The Internet)
July 29: Teenage Girls Aren't As Stupid As Some People Think
July 29: Fantasy Fulfillment
July 30: John Edwards, Ted Stevens And Everyone Else Are Hypocrites
July 30: BlogHer Convention
July 30: Women Out For Justice Against Career-Destroying Jerks
July 30: Standing... Er, Um, Sitting By Her Man
July 30: Gendercide
July 30: Leigh Ledare's Oedipal Complex Is Not Our Gain
July 31: Ludacris Wins "Most Intelligent Political Commentary" Of The Week Award
July 31: 10 Ways John McCain Can Be Compared To Paris Hilton & Britney Spears
July 31: Stalker Memoir Rings A Few Too Many Bells
July 31: Partying For Sex Workers Rights
July 31: The Best John McCain (And We) Can Do

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