Sunday, August 3, 2008

Glamocracy June 2008

June 2: Losing Through Winning
June 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken
June 3: If You're Not Racist, Why Is Everyone Else Sexist?
June 3: The End of the Primaries, The End of the Race?
June 3: South Dakota Closes, As Does the Race
June 3: Hillary's Speech: Will She Stay Or Will She Go?
June 3: The Candidate Obama
June 4: Oh, I'm Sorry. You Expected It To Be Over?
June 5: Obama Nabs a Kennedy
June 5: Choose to Vote!
June 6: The Sanctity of Marriage: A Study In Contrasts

June 7: "And This Is Why We Have To Work To Elect Barack Obama"
June 9: The Final (Five Month) Stretch!
June 9: Are You A Budget Hero?
June 10: Political Meat and Potatoes followed by Impeachment Pie
June 11: GOP Losses Are Only Sometimes Democratic Gains
June 11: Hey Feminists—Why No Love For Michelle Obama?
June 12: John McCain Just Wants To Be Loved
June 12: On Michelle Obama, Sexism And Ill-Considered Rhymes
June 13: John McCain's Media Death By A Thousand Pricks
June 13: Sexism Sells, But We Aren't Buying It: The Video
June 13: In Memory of Tim Russert

June 16: McFeminism
June 16: Tax Plans And The Single Girl
June 17: Al Gore Loves Obama And the Environment Equally
June 17: Obama Really Needs To Court One Woman's Vote
June 18: Money, Money, Money
June 18: MoveOn.Org Goes After John McCain
June 19: Obama Wants Your Money But Barr Wants McCain's Votes
June 20: Obamania, Campaign Finance Edition

June 23: Candidates Take On The Issues, Sort Of
June 23: Bill Kristol Really Wants You To Vote For John McCain
June 24: Everyone's Emotions Are Rubbed A Little Raw
June 25: The $1 Billion Question
June 25: The McCainiacs Are Back!
June 25: John McCain, (Over) Ripe For Parody
June 26: The Pander-lympics
June 27: The Dance Begins
June 27: McCain Strikes a Pose

June 30: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Unity

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