Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jezebel May 2008

May 1: Good Morning, Voters! I'm Calling On Behalf Of "Women Voices." If You Are Confused, My Mission Is Accomplished!
May 2: Did Hillary's Appearance On O'Reilly Actually Make Me Like Her More?

May 5: Future VP Bobby Jindal's College Girlfriend Possessed By Satan? Or Just Horny?
May 6: Barack Obama Doesn't Look Too Psyched About That Beer
May 7: Hillary Wins Another Primary!
May 7: The Oh, Hell No Afternoon
May 8: Who Would God Vote For? Probably the Fascists!
May 8: Morrison on "The First Black President"
May 8: Chalk Another One Up For KBR
May 8: NY Times Discovers That Women Like Hollywood And Washington Heavyweights
May 8: What Constitutes a Dry Spell?
May 8: Divorce Via Chanting? Not In Maryland!
May 8: The "And You Thought Yesterday Was Bad" Edition
May 9: Sometimes, Ignorance Is Bliss
May 9: Villains to the Rescue
May 9: Did He or Didn't He
May 9: Baffled Scientists Discover That People Get Drunk To Get Laid
May 9: The Definition of Sin
May 9: The World, Too, Is Bipolar

May 12: It Was A Nice Day For A White Voter
May 12: Even Oprah Employees Aren't Immune To Serial Seat-Pissers
May 13: Your Jewish Mom Is Going To Have A Crush On Obama
May 14: Obama Is Winning Because Hipsters Stopped Hating Gwyneth Paltrow
May 14: Wine Pairings
May 14: The New Enemy
May 14: Injuries Among Girls Are The Fault Of The Feminists
May 14: He Is That Into You
May 15: John McCain: Yeah, Maybe Just Let This Guy Be President
May 15: NARAL's Endorsement Of Obama Is Neither Disrespectful Nor Disloyal
May 16: Hillary = Not Exactly The Loser Here, People!
May 16: Meet The Women Who Will Doom Us To A McCain Presidency

May 19: Bigger Than Burning Man.
May 20: Hillary And American Sexism…Really Guys? Still?
May 21: Geraldine Ferraro: You = What The Media Needs To Start Ignoring
May 22: Hillary Explains How Obama Is Sort Of Like An African Dictator
May 23: "I Know: Barf." Truer Words Were Never Syndicated, Peggy!

May 27: War Is Hell But Troops Are Hot
May 28: Former Bush Propagandist Scott McClellans Book Uses Term Propaganda Sounds Like a Left-Wing Blogger
May 29: Oh Jesus, Dont Like Most People Suffer Existential Crises When They Get Fired
May 30: God What An Idiot That Guy Running The Country So, What's The Game Plan Regarding Sex & The City
May 30: Dear Gerry: You Gotta Think About What You're Trying To Do To Me

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