Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cynics' Party February 2008

February 1: John McCain Is Really, Really Old
February 1: Nader’s Ego Eclipses The Sun
February 2: Wesley Snipes Convicted of Stupidity
February 2: Definitely off the market. For now.
February 4: Cynics Beware! Do Not Watch This Ad!

February 4: Rambo Inspiring Legions of Nonviolent Buddhist Monks
February 5: Me, The Beav and High Fashion
February 6: Super Tuesday Hangover
February 8: Obama Might Actually Be Jesus
February 8: McCain Attends CPAC, Finds the Crazy
February 9: Sorry about that, guys

February 11: RIP, Tom Lantos
February 11: Sarkozy Finds Other Things to Like About America
February 12: Crazy People Never Forget
February 12: Civil Rights Are Just Not Sexy
February 12: Primary Results/Open Thread
February 13: An Ode To Shepard Smith
February 14: With Liberty And Vibrators For All
February 14: How To Get a Job As A Conservative Pundit
February 15: A Strict Constitutionalist, Eh?
February 15: Why John Edwards Could’ve Been President
February 17: Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free (as long as they’re not brown)

February 20: Uma, Oprah. Obama, Osama. Who Can Tell?
February 23: McCain, the Deposition and the Lobbyist Thing
February 24: Something My Family Can Finally Be Proud Of

February 25: I’d Hit It
February 27: Looking for a Little “Washington” Experience?
February 28: Nader Has One Good Idea
February 29: Eventually, There Will Be More of “Them” Than of “Us”

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