Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wonkette January 14, 2008

The FBI Agent and the Naughty Librarians
Avoid Recession, Buy More Stuff!
Mittens to Singlehandedly Save U.S. Auto Industry
Old Media Tries to Be Less So, Throws a Party
Drunk Drivers on Jihad Against Candidates' Kids
You Never Listened to Me
Faerie Tales and the Modern Neo-Con
Green Party Exists, Few People Notice
Clinton Lays Claim and/or Waste to California

Jezebel: What's That Condi's Drinking? It Doesn't Look Like Kool-Aid!

** Please note that due to Wonkette's sale and backend conversion, all posts originally containing Gawker Media video content will be missing that content, frame sizes have changed, comments have been eliminated and certain entries may be missing.

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