Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glamocracy February 2008

February 5: Welcome To Super Tuesday!
February 5:Longing for your Ex-Candidate?
February 5: Polls, trolls, and a semi-win for Mitt—plus Alabama, Arkansas, and Illinois check in
February 5: Play some political games!
February 5: We Report, Because They Can't Yet—and a mini-win for Hillary!
February 5: Super Tuesday only super for some: The final unscientfic results are in!
February 5: What We Don't Know Will Probably Keep Us Up All Night
February 5: What A Difference An Hour Doesn't Make For Democrats
February 5: McCain usurps Giuliani's blue state strategy and other things that strike us
February 5: Taking Stock at Midnight
February 6: The View From Wednesday Morning

February 12: Much Less Super Tuesday
February 12: Obama, McCain Win the Ice Bowl, and Another Hillarynista Bites the Dust
February 13: Talking Heads Turn Nice, Hillary Turns on Obamaniacs and Conservatives Look for a Veep To Turn To
February 14: Huckabee Aims for the Beach, Clinton for the Superdelegates and McCain and Obama for One Another
February 14: Mitt and McCain Kiss and Make up, Huckabee Defines "Loser"
February 15: The Problem with Superdelegates and Rush Limbaugh

February 19: Words, Endorsements and Another Day of Voting
February 20: Hillary Negs Obama, Still Doesn't Win
February 20: Young, Female, Empowered... And An Uncommitted Superdelegate
February 21: Be Careful What You Wish For, John McCain
February 22: Debates, Money and McCain Fallout
February 22: Confessions of an Unextraordinary Girl Lobbyist

February 25: The Claws, and Nader, Come Out
February 25: A Call for Your Questions
February 26: Clinton stays negative
February 26: A Few Debate Predictions
February 27:The Debate: 90 Minutes That Changed Absolutely Nothing
February 27:McCain to Supporters: Keep It Civil
February 28: Bloomberg, Nutjobs and Switches, Oh My!
February 28: Nader Chooses Running Mate Even Political Reporters Don't Recognize
February 29: Bloomberg, Nutjobs and Switches, Oh My!
February 29: Nader Chooses Running Mate Even Political Reporters Don't Recognize

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