Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jezebel February 2008

February 1: So, Losing Weight Gives You Higher Self-Esteem And Saves Your Feet From Amputation? Sign Me Up!

February 4: Democratic Dames Vie For The Hearts, Minds, Votes Of Women
February 4: "Thank God Women Are Not Lazy, Negligent Assholes When It Comes To Voting"
February 4: Democratic Tear Ducts
February 4: Some Women Will Do Anything To Justify A Shoe-Obsession
February 4: When I Grow Up
February 4: Diseases We Almost Envy
February 4: In Defense of Depression
February 4: Monkey Business

February 5: Super Tuesday: It Isn't Quite The End Of The Affair
February 5: Mike Gravel: The Candidate You Didn't Know You Wanted (And Probably Didn't Vote For)
February 5: Is Menstruation A Girls-Only Gift Or A Modern Inconvenience?
February 5: A Little Gamemanship In Appalachia
February 5: Lutfi-ngali Scarier Than Anyone Honestly Thought
February 5: We Watch Super Tuesday So You Can Focus on American Idol

February 6: How About We Settle This Over Rock, Paper, Scissors Already?
February 8: Adieu, Mitt Hottie! Think You Were Just Too Wholesome?
February 11: Broke Hillary Fires Loyal Hill Force One Captain Patti Solis Doyle
February 12: "Most Kids Like Ron Paul 'Cause They Hate Cops, But The Cheerleaders Are All Feminists"
February 13: "But Now I've Had Enough. I Don't Want Turkey Anymore. I'm Full."
February 14: My Liberal Heart Bleeds For Your Portable Massage Needs, Texas!
February 15: John McCain's Totally Hot Great Grand- Er, Son!
February 18: Harold & Kumar Get Bongwaterboarded!
February 19: Well Shit, Michelle, Surely You Can Think Of Something...
February 20: Hillary: Just Too Geeky?
February 21: Did Cindy McCain Grow Her Hair So John Could Tell Her Apart From His Lobbyist Stalker Mistress?
February 22: Obama Inspires Hillary To Plagiarize Her Own Inspiring Speech
February 25: Chelsea Clinton Made A Girl Fat!
*That's So Jane's* February 25: Why Our Government Has Become Like Rock of Love
February 26: North Korea Plays Host to Historic Visit From Miley Cyrus
February 27: Barry Coasts Through Another Debate Victory
February 28: Join Barack Obama In His Phantom Tollbooth To The Land Of "Before They Hated Us"
February 29: Deconstructing Angelina Jolie's Inner Neocon

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