Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glamocracy March 2008

March 3: Women Are Stupid, Haven't You Heard?
March 4: Can They Really Call It "Super Tuesday" Again?
March 4: What Are Your Thoughts?
March 4: The Only Thing That's Clear: Huckabee's Out
March 5: Did Clinton Win? Or Did Obama Lose?
March 5: Bush Endorses McCain, America Yawns
March 6: The Big Clinton Tease, Plus Michigan and Florida
March 7: Florida Is An Attention Whore (And So's Michigan)
March 7: Friday Fun: Campaign Strategy Mad Libs

March 10: Sleeping Girls, Raising Money and Going Postal
March 10: Sleeping Girls, Raising Money and Going Postal
March 11: Sleeping Girls, Raising Money and Going Postal
March 12: Mississippi, Muslims and Geraldine Ferraro
March 12: Standing By Your Man: When "For Better or For Worse" Becomes Worse In Public
March 13: Spitzer, Ferraro Out, Clinton Apologizes and Florida Still a Cipher
March 13: Pelosi Nixes the "Dream Ticket" Again
March 14: Florida, Michigan, Superdelegates and One Illinois Pastor
March 14: Friday Fun: Top 10 Reasons We Need More Female Politicians

March 17: Iowa Redux, Florida Still a Mess and Obama's Pastor Fires Back
March 17: Clinton Camp Looks to Obama's Pledged Delegates (Again)
March 18: Florida Gives Up, Michigan Presses On, And By All Means Let's Keep Talking About That Pastor
March 19: Where Is McCain These Days? Plus Clinton and Obama Do Stuff
March 19: An Anniversary That Is Sadder for Some
March 19: Obama's Speech and Acceptance
March 20: Time Running Out for Michigan, Like Good Will for Obama
March 20: Geraldine, It's Not Just Obamaniacs That Are Horrified
March 21: Wall Street, Richardson Love Obama, But the State Department? Not So Much
March 23: It's Raining... Candidate Music Videos

March 24: A New Clinton Frenemy, A New Measure and a New and Unwanted Milestone
March 25: Mo' Supporters, Mo' Video, Mo' Problems
March 25: Another View From Bosnian Visits Past
March 26: McCain's Economy, Chelsea's Economy of Words and Far-Flung Family
March 26: Mom, Congresswoman, and Committed Superdelegate, In That Order
March 27: Foreign Policy Discussed, Nancy Pelosi Rebuked and Obama Shines in the Polls
March 27: Hillary Goes to the Head of the Fashion Class
March 28: Yet More Superdelegate News, Pennsylvania Action and Economic Bickering
March 28: Friday Fun: Let's Do the (Political) Time Warp Again!

March 31: Clinton Wants Some to Stay Silent, McCain Wants Attention and Obama Nabs Amy
March 31: Clinton's Campaign Manager Caught With Her Hand in the Subprime Cookie Jar

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