Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jezebel March 2008

March 3: The Stupidest Thing You Ever Read On This Blog (And Maybe The Whole Wide Internet)
March 4: Alex P. Keaton Endorses NAFTA-Loving Obama!
March 5: Hillary Wins Big In Thrilling Plot Twist, Oh Yay!
March 6: Terror Strikes America's Beloved Times Square!
March 7: Hot Obama Adviser Samantha Power F*****s Up Big Time!

March 10: Why Vote Obama When Everyone Knows He'll Be Hillary's Number Two?
March 11: No Really, What Do You Have Against The Condoms, Luv Guv?
March 13: What Does Ashley Alexandra Dupré Teach Us About Our Fucked Economy?
March 14: Ashley Alexandra Dupre: What The World Needs Now? Or Just "What We Want"?
*Rant* March 14: Breaks Available, But Only If You're White and Powerful

March 17: Happy Non-St. Pat's Day, Folks! The World Is Currently Ending
March 18: What, You Assumed The Blind Guy Would Be A Faithful Husband? Did None Of You See Ray?
March 19: So, Barack Obama Throws His Dead Grandma Under The Bus And You Cry About It?
March 20: Hillary Was In The Next Room While Monica Blew Bill!
March 21: Bill Richardson Loves The Muslimy Muslim From Muslimstan

March 24: Pat Buchanan Thinks You Should Be More Thankful For Slavery, Barry Obama
March 25: Barack Obama Steals Away On Sexy Tropical Paradise Island Vacation!
March 26: Will Hillary's "Tonya Harding Option" Leave Country To Eastern Bloc Hooverite John McCain?
March 27: And The $300 Million Defense Contract Goes To...The 22-Year-Old Abusive Boyfriend Who Never Had A Job!
March 28: Senator Bob Casey Crowns Barack Obama Savior Of Pennsylvania Fetuses!

March 31: Dubya: Now For Republicans To Poop On!

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